BenDog (bendog) wrote in traditionalska,

SOUL - sounds of underground london

there was a doco on ITV about underground movements in english music.
it was called "sounds of underground london" or S.O.U.L.

i have a bunch of these comps... they are awesome.
i really want to see the tv series.

if any of you can track this down, i'll be your biggest fans ever.

do any of you have a copy?
or know where i can get a copy?


The Mod Revival Generation - "Time For Action"
The Mod Generation - "Clean Living In Difficult Circumstances"
The Skinhead Generation - "54, 46 Was My Number"
The Soul Boy Generation - "The Soul Patrol"
The Rare Groove Generation - "Get On The Wrong Foot"
The Acid Jazz Generation - "Thelonius Monk and Melodius Funk"
The Teddy Boy Generation - The Edwardian Connection
Northern Soul Generation - "Keep The Faith"
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